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* Matt R. Vance *

Company Culture Strategist & Review Management Expert

I got my start in the world of feedback management at Malouf, in 2014. Tracking and responding to reviews for 100 plus products, I was able to increase sales and ratings by driving improvements suggested by customers. In a few short years, I was managing a team responsible for product reviews across 1,500 listings, 8 brands, and 20 plus e-commerce sites, driving millions of dollars of revenue monthly.

Believing that feedback functions fundamentally the same for other applications, I applied my strategies to brand and employer feedback found on Facebook, Google, Glassdoor, Indeed, and other review sites. This led to 4.4+ star brand ratings, and Malouf's 2019 top-ten national employer ranking on Glassdoor and InHerSight.

The feedback management methodologies I’ve developed have been recognized nationally with a 2019 Gold Stevie Award for Best Customer Feedback Strategy above runners-up including: Bank of America, Delta Airlines, DHL, IBM, Intuit, and VIZIO Inc. In February 2019, I handed off the product review management duties to my team in order to take the position of Employee Experience Manager at Malouf. In this new role I’m expanding my understanding and use of employee feedback in driving company culture enhancements.

Aspiring Author

Currently in progress, I am authoring a review management self-help business book. The book expounds upon the following:

-Consumer behavior relating to use of online reviews in decision making.

-The impact reviews have on businesses, brand perception, and employer reputation.

-How organizations can leverage customer and employee feedback for improved experiences and increased sales.

-The role employee experience plays in impacting customer experience and ratings.

Public Speaker & Consultant

I have spoken at organizational trainings, in breakout sessions, and as a keynote speaker. Feel free to connect if you’re looking for an experienced speaker to cover topics such as company culture or review management.

Recent appearances include:

- Logan City, Leadership Training - November 26, 2019

- Silicon Slopes, Logan Chapter - March 6, 2019

- Utah SHRM, Bridgerland Chapter - May 17, 2019

- Utah SHRM, Crossroads Conference - September 24-25, 2019

Upcoming appearances include:

- Cache County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Luncheon - October 15, 2019

I have consulted organizations in the below industries on review management and company culture. Send me a message if you’d like a professional opinion on these or related topics.

- Auto mechanics

- Auto sales

- City government 

- E-commerce 

- Hospitality

- Insurance

- Manufacturing

- Non-profit

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